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As I navigated through various part-time and full-time jobs over the span of the last 6 years, I came across a ton of horrible managers. Managers that could be way more effective if they picked up a few books on leadership, and understood how to encourage and motivate their employees. 


Working under them made me feel very anxious and frustrated. I felt stuck and did not feel as though I was in a learning environment or that I was supported. I knew that I would be so much happier, more productive and satisfied as an employee if the management was better. I wanted to understand what would be needed from a manager that was inspiring, motivating and a strong role model and mentor to their employees. 


After coming to the realization that I wanted and needed change, I quit my job and started my education in business IT management. I knew I had the skills and drive to be higher up on the ladder. The question was, did I want to pursue corporate management positions or become my own boss and start a company?  

If I was to work under an established company, I would have stability, but I would be immersed in the 9-5 lifestyle, and would be working towards someone else’s goals and dreams. 


I wanted to work towards my own dreams. I also desired freedom, flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere. 



Most importantly, the root of my business had to revolve around women's empowerment. To empower women to live their best lives, have unshakeable confidence, chase after their dreams, obtain financial freedom and independence and build and scale their businesses.


It was incredibly scary to come to the decision of taking a leap of faith in starting something brand new from scratch. However, it was a risk I was willing to take and I knew if I put enough time, energy, and effort into it, it would become successful. I had the drive, I had the passion, I just needed to take action.

The most important skills I have learned in my life are

  1. To regularly take calculated risks

  2. To actively push myself out of my comfort zone

  3. To embrace failure and accept it as my biggest teacher

  4. To stop seeking external validation and practice self-reliance

  5. To stop letting fear of other people’s opinions get in the way of living your best life

These are the foundations of what I teach in my mindset coaching, and the standards to which I will hold my clients accountable. I also work with women entrepreneurs to enhance, optimize and scale their businesses. Helping and supporting women is at the heart of my company and nothing brings me more joy than the work I do and the value I strive to provide. 

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