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Website Building


  • your business does not have an appealing website

  • unsure of how to design a site for your target audience

  • do not have sufficient time for website development

How it can help

  • attract potential clients/customers to your site

  • create a strong landing page

  • company will look professional and reputable, improved brand

  • awareness, a stronger online presence and more

I can build you an aesthetically pleasing website suitable for your unique business needs on any leading platform such as Wix, Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify, etc.

Website Building Services
Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence

  • unable to quantify company performance

  • unsure on what business areas to focus on and improve

  • key decisions are not producing the desired results

How it can help

  • greater visibility on where to put attention and resources

  • ability to make better informed and calculated decisions

  • increased operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and more much

If you want to grow your business, you need to use BI. I can build you a real-time dashboard that highlights important metrics and KPI's so you can gain a competitive advantage on your opponents.


SEO services

Search Engine Optimization


  • company is not ranking on the first page of Google

  • low traffic on website

  • low brand awareness

How it can help

  • rank on the first page of Google

  • increased traffic on website

  • improved brand awareness. stronger online presence, higher conversions and much more

I can conduct keyword research for your company, and find the best keywords and phrases that will generate the highest amount of traffic. Higher traffic typically leads to higher sales and conversions.​


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